To Blog or Not to Blog, That’s die Frage

Yes, we’re back in the good ol’ US of A…so I ask you, do we keep blogging? Tom and I have given it some thought and have decided that we still have something to say…big surprise!!

We figure we have a lot of future fodder related to:

  1. Did our sabbatical actually help us accomplish any life changes?
  2. Sharing our experiences related to starting up a business.
  3. The difficulties and joys of re-entry to living in the US.

And besides, Futból says we have to keep on writin’, so what else can we do?

4 Responses to “To Blog or Not to Blog, That’s die Frage”

  1. futbol

    HAH yes! futbol, much like hulk hogan, always knows best.

  2. Michele

    Futbol/Hulk Hogan — yes, I’ve always thought of you as being so like the former professional wrestler!!

  3. criswkh

    We can share some stories of the difficulties and joys of re-entry to the US: sizes at the grocery stores and the variety of things you can purchase. Gabe and I were like OMG..they make these types of chips now. Also, something I miss from BA is the way TV was set-up down there…less commercials. We don’t watch TV that often, but when we watch some movies or sports the commercial here are very annoying.

  4. Michele

    *laugh* Well, we have noticed that it’s much easier to get things done here in the States because we can actually access our cash at the bank and use credit cards! But Tom was just mentioning that he misses prolific water con gas available everywhere and the litro beer as well!

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