Waxing Philosophic

There’s going to be a lot of waxing around here for the next few posts…forewarned is forearmed!

Why the need to expound on our pondering? Because our 14 month family mid-life crisis sabbatical is coming to an end. I know, boo hoo for us — everyone feels really sympathetic! *smile*

Of course, the end of the free time means that we must resume the mantle of adult responsibility and actually earn some money. THAT is a bummer.

10 more days in Argentina. It’s all going by so fast, and we have a zillion little ends to tie up…end-of-school dinners, play parties for Zelda, chess tournaments for Zoe, goodbyes to tutors and teachers, farewells to all of the wonderful wonderful people that we’ve met, cleaning the apartment, donating stuff to the Z’s school, figuring out what we’re packing and what we aren’t, making cards, going through paperwork… .

I’m not even mentioning all of the shyte we have to get done on the US end, but I won’t go into that…at least not now!

Suffice to say that the knowledge of our departure looms large and we have much to think about. More later.

4 Responses to “Waxing Philosophic”

  1. Delfina

    Se van??? I`ll keep reading your blog but I`ll miss you!! good luck in your next adventure!!

  2. Anquises

    Adiós y buena suerte, Michele. (I’m going to miss your Z’s 🙂

  3. Michele

    Delfina! Thank you so much…I’m glad you’ll keep reading. Moving makes it hard to write though…I’ve been a very bad blogger lately.

  4. Michele

    Mil gracias Anquises! (The Zs te van a extrañar!)

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