Clueless Americans at La Bombonera

We went to see the Boca Juniors play on Sunday. We chose Boca for two reasons: 1) The stadium, known as La Bombonera, is small and super intense, with the stands abutting right up to the field; and, 2) Boca has claimed Zoe’s loyalty, at least when it comes to Argentine soccer.

A little video footage for your enjoyment below. Unfortunately, the audio in my camera really doesn’t do justice to the noise level, but you can still tell that it’s loud. Zoe wanted to race home and learn all of the Boca chants, which her Spanish tutor promptly informed her involved a lot of bad language. Naturally, she was undeterred. In fact, she was proud that she was picking out Spanish curse words while attending the game, such as the one shouted very loudly at the end of our video!

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  1. Amy

    I recently went to a soccer game too (Huracan vs San Lorenzo) and it was quite an experience! My favorite part was definitely all the “puteando” (excuse my French) that went on…gotta love all the curses and that ubiquitous one-arm waggling motion that goes along with it! I’m glad you guys didn’t get caught in any trouble though…at the Huracan game we got tear gassed and I later read that someone was killed after the game! EEK.

    also, I really enjoy your blog…gives a different perspective on life in BA!

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