More Titillating than the Movie

A while back, we were desperately searching for an English-language film at the cinema that was suitable for the whole family. At the time, there were only adult options in English available and they had a minimum rating of PG-13 back in the States. (Here in Buenos Aires, most foreign fare aimed at the junior set is dubbed, but adult films are subtitled.) Since we didn’t know anything about the movies in question, we began searching online for information about content for the Zs, who are not horribly media savvy.

As we were doing our pelicula fact finding, Tom stumbled upon the site Kids in Mind.

Wow — we had no idea that there were people who sat down and watched a movie and literally cataloged every female hard nipple covered by a shirt, every mention of the Lord’s name in vain (check out the profanity glossary), substance abuse references, and of course, moments of actual nudity and graphic violence.

Tom and I quickly abandoned our original reason for being on the site and randomly began entering in recent summer films. What was our favorite discovery? Well, if you should happen to take a family outing to the cinema for a viewing of “The Hangover”, you might want to take advantage of their list of suggested “discussion topics“:

Bachelor parties, marriage, dating, relationships, trust, love, counting cards, spousal abuse, lying, Ruffelin, the Holocaust, Holocaust survivors, sexually transmitted diseases, recklessness, drug dealing, gambling.

In the end, their unique reviews were somewhat useful, but good Lord, I really did feel like a prude!

2 Responses to “More Titillating than the Movie”

  1. meg

    thanks for the info. i have used this link is much more conservative than I am but I am thankful for its thoroughness.
    will we see you before you leave…or maybe you already have…if so, have fun.
    i went to the deli on for ham, etc…they asked if i was married to the man with glasses who buys lots of the same ham…i laughed…said he was a friend. the munich is awesome and the “bacon” is a great substitute…mac and adeline are quite pleased.
    try this link and see what you think:

  2. Tom

    Yes, I’m famous at the deli. It always brightens their day when I walk in the door, so they can make fun of me for ordering the same ham every time! But, if you start ordering it regularly, and if we can find others to join in…then hey, we can start a movement!

    Lomito Munich: America’s favorite cold cut!

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