Brokeback Reeves, 3 Month Update


Let’s see, I broke my vertebrae nearly three months ago on June 16th…you guessed it, that means it’s time for another update.

I am fully healed in the sense that I can bend over and pick up stuff off the floor and/or flip around in bed without the pain waking me up. (I still have twinges when I sneeze, or twist funny, but it’s all manageable.)

The big issue at present is rehab, rehab, rehab. Not being able to activate most of the muscles in my torso without pain for the first few months after I cracked the spine resulted in terrible atrophy that I’m having to try and reverse now. Yes, that means I am ridiculously sore at the moment. After doing a solid couple of weeks of light CrossFit and some casual hitting of tennis balls with the hubby, my upper body is wracked with lactic acid. I had to have Tom take off my sweatshirt today because I couldn’t lift my arms over my head!

My back injury also set my knee recuperation back a bit as well, so my legs are crazy painful too.

Essentially, I waddle around the house waving my useless flipper arms asking everyone to help me. Recovering has made me almost as useless as when the injury first occurred!

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