The Meat Lorry


In our neighborhood, we sometimes see an old, open-air truck filled to the top with meat parts driving by the local butcher shops. (The transport in question is very similar to the truck pictured here, but without the canvas top.)

Generally, there are two guys standing in the back of the truck amongst the pile of meat, hacking away with cleavers, even while the vehicle is moving. As Tom likes to say, driving at 30 or 40 miles per hour over bumpy roads shouldn’t stop you from working with a sharp, heavy knife!

We’re hoping this truck is for scraps, and not deliveries.

As my dearest husband commented today…”there goes a truck full of chorizo ingredients.” Not a pretty picture he cemented in my head. Thank you so much dear.

UPDATE: Futbol has challenged me to get an actual shot of the Meat Lorry — I have picked up the gauntlet, and come hell or high water, will get a damn photo!

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  1. Donigan

    I have seen a couple of these trucks before, guys hacking at meat in the back, and thought it was an illusion, but if you have seen it too … ?

    I follow your site and enjoy it, the homey quality.

  2. Michele

    The pile o’meat isn’t a pleasant visual — it’s hard to process, really…one could only hope it was illusion!

    Glad you follow the blog, I hopped over to yours and quite enjoyed myself. I certainly related to the discussion on Infinite Jest in your comments since Tom and I started reading it with the Infinite Jest Fest summer program. (Alas, we have failed to finish it.)

  3. Donigan

    I hope you visit again … comment if you feel so moved.

  4. Sara King

    This has nothing to do specifically with this post, but a few days ago, something (I can’t now remember what!) reminded me of Argentina and I had a terrible bout of HOMESICKNESS FOR BUENOS AIRES. I haven’t felt such a pang of desire for BA before, but there you go. Guess I will have to go back.

    Sadly, you will not be part of my next visit (unless you experience such homesickness yourself that you have to go back).

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  6. Jorge

    Hi Michelle,
    An insight from a local here: Those trucks collect bones, cartilage and tendons mainly, and the guys in the back separate those diferent material on their way to the final disposition place. The scraps are NOT used for human food of any kind, but find their end as lard, for soap manufacturing, and bone and cartilage for gelatin and the byproducts eventually go to animal feed, such as dog food.
    Best regards for Tom and the girls.

  7. Michele

    Donigan — I shall and I shall!

  8. Michele

    Sara K! Your returning to BA someday has everything to do with the Meat Lorry, I am sure! We miss you around here. Besos!!!

  9. Michele

    Jorge, So good to hear from you, I love it when someone I know has checked out the blog. Hope all is well and thanks for the local expertise!

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