Every Child Should Have a “Coast”


Roasting marshmallows, making smores, catching frogs and salamanders in the pond, walking in the creek (“It’s a good way to get your feet clean, Mom!”), playing stick ball on the lawn, helping abuelo with “the pit,” shoveling gravel, burning brush, pulling stumps, stacking firewood (they are too young to split wood, but give it time…), playing in the sprinkler, helping to wash the car, going to the dump (always exciting), baking bread, making hot dog buns from scratch, borrowing DVDs from the library (“Escape from Witch Mountain is awesome, Mom.”), picking blueberries, picking raspberries, getting grass stains on every article of clothing, smashing abuela’s flowers with the soccer ball, walking to the beach…every kid should have a wonderful place to escape with their grandparents, who believe that hot chocolate with marshmallows is an appropriate way to greet each and every morning (at least when you’re under 12).

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