Trip to EZE in Lincoln Town Car


I love Argentina.

Where else would you find a guy from Long Island named Fred, who has gone to the trouble of importing a Lincoln Town Car into the country (when we all know that bringing anything into Argentina is never easy), all with the express intention of becoming the best native English speaking driver for hire in BA?

I used Fred’s services to get to the airport today and can recommend him highly. He was 15 minutes early (something to remark upon in Buenos Aires), he had drinks in a small cooler (water and a soda), the car was wonderful, and I didn’t feel that I was participating in a Grand Prix while trying to get out of the country! Also, if you are traveling with a big family, everyone fits. He even called Tom after we arrived to let him know I got here okay.

His Web site features a nifty online interface for reserving his services.

Quick BA Airport Notes For people flying out of Buenos Aires this winter, know that the airport is really hot because they overheat everything in the winter here. Wear layers so you can strip down! It took 21 minutes and 37 seconds to get through security and immigration for a night flight (8:30 pm scheduled departure) on a Sunday.

6 Responses to “Trip to EZE in Lincoln Town Car”

  1. Eric Garland

    Not sure if you will pass through the bay area, but if you do, let me know, be great to see my long lost South American cousin!


  2. Michele

    Eric! Of course I would visit if I was coming through the Bay Area. Alas, I flew directly to Atlanta and then a 5 hour flight across the country brought me to Portland. Why aren’t you in Hotlanta?

  3. Khara

    Fred is awesome. I discovered him for my hubby, who is 6.4″ or 1.99m I loved how Fred text/called me to let me know he was on his way to our house and he did that after he dropped Gabe off at the airport. We decided he is well worth his pay, especially since he SHOWS UP EARLY.

  4. Michele

    *laugh* I imagine at 6’4″ he spends a lot of time folding himself into cabs! Fred’s car is nice long ride.

  5. Frank Almeida

    I agree, Fred has a great service. Careful though, because you like him the people over at BAexpats might put you in their scope sights. For some reason I get the impression they might hate Fred. Since he is such a nice guy I wonder why they would hate him.

  6. Michele

    I think all of the expat sites have value. I make no warranties or representations about any issues in this disagreement between foreign Web factions! I’m just happy here in my little blog universe.

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