Ratatat…Pow…Twang…Plink Plink

There are things that make me miss living in a house…

Like the person in our building who blasts their music when they get up in the morning at 6:00 a.m. Or the woman upstairs who walks around getting ready in her high heels, “tip tap tip tap” for an hour.

Another nearby resident is taking piano lessons. They practice their music exercises very late at night, but more irritating is the fact that none of the exercises are played in time. Which reminds me, we also have a budding electric guitarist somewhere in the building who knows about three chords, but that doesn’t stop them from rocking out!

Outside our apartment building, a street and sidewalk repair project has been going for months, even at 7 a.m. Saturday morning, ripping up concrete, resetting cobblestones…LOUD, LOUD LOUD. And, don’t forget the renovation project going on in the apartment below. Sometimes the chemical smells emanating from that unit make me feel woozy while working at my desk.

Every weekend, the party at a rowdy bar across the street rages until dawn, occasionally requiring a police visit. How do the Argentines do it?

I fear that I shall turn into one of those people who cannot sleep without being enveloped by the sounds of the big city.

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  1. Kate

    It sounds like my building in Brooklyn!! I am with you about the noises and neighbors (I have a crazy man living above me who likes to rock out to Journey while drumming on the floor. Meanwhile the guy living below likes to play video games until all hours – I live in what is turning into the building of bachelors). When my fiance visits, he is immune to all of the noise. I guess that growing up in an apartment in Buenos Aires makes it easier for him to tune things out! When I stayed there in January there was a guy on the street yelling “CHURRO” so that the people in the top of the buildings could hear what he was selling!

  2. Michele

    Hey, we were just reading about Brooklyn and the trustafarians living in Williamsburg having to dial it back because their parents are having financial issues.

    I adore rocking out to Journey while drumming on the floor — of course. Yes, I do imagine growing up in Argentina prepares you for the noise found in New York. The buses are REALLY loud here, and street noise and yelling and construction seem to be constant in one form or another. If it’s not public transportation, then it’s neighbors who party until 5:00 a.m.!! The good news is that, as a parent, I never get enough rest, so I can sleep through anything!

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