Making Me Live in the Moment

As I have mentioned before, the Zs’ capacity for embracing the process of living without caring so much about the end results is a lesson Tom and I need to relearn every so often.

The theme of living in the moment has been on my mind since I’ve met a lot of people recently who have asked me whether it is difficult to post on a blog 4 to 5 times a week.

As I thought about it, I realized that blogging frequently isn’t so much difficult as it requires a phase shift in how you view your life. Now, my whole family likes to joke about my posting frequency and that there is no event too trivial for me to consider it blog fodder. But the truth is, if you sit and reflect on your day, there is nearly always something interesting, whether it be bad or good, about which you can write.

And while there are many things that I have appreciated about this blog — it provides a nice repository for memories of our travels and keeps my writing skills honed — most of all, it makes me contemplate recent events, allowing me the time to reflect on the moments that comprise my life and appreciate them for the special times that they are.

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