Reflections on Autumn and Poo

Fall is a dangerous season here in Baires. The peril comes in two forms:

1) Leaf Colored Poo. While this may be self explanatory, I’m going to elaborate further! As we head into the fall season here in the capital city of Argentina, the streets are beginning to be strewn with light tan colored leaves. Unfortunately, said leaves blend in perfectly with light tan colored dog caca, making the streets a veritable mine field. We can no longer stroll with the occassional sidewalk pan of the eyes scanning for crap. Now, we have to walk with our heads down, eyes peeled trying to dodge all colored objects on the sidewalk. Trying to walk home with the girls pulling their wheeled school bags is an exercise in stress management.

2) Leaf Over Poo. Aside from the obvious doggy-doodoo-on-the-bottom-of-the-shoe issue, this gem of a situation also creates the possibility for extreme physical comedy at your expense. Upon stepping on said leaf over poo, picture a banana peel on the floor sort of foot skid that results in arms flailing and woop yelling that is witnessed by your fellow pedestrians.

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