Zoe and Zelda Say Hi to #15

[Here’s a change…Tom writes a short post!]

The girls started tennis lessons this last week. On our first day at the club, the girls’ instructor was late (as in, had to be called to be reminded about our lesson), so we sat outside and watched a young guy practicing, hitting forehands and backhands. No, not just hitting them. Crushing them. The pace he put on the ball was astounding. And, every shot, shot after shot, was hit with deadly accuracy.

As I watched, my estimation of his game grew and grew. In about 10 minutes, I went from “Hey, he’s pretty good” to “Wow, I don’t know what he’s doing here, but this guy’s good enough to go pro.”

Then, César, the girls’ new coach, shows up, and asks me if I saw the gentleman hitting balls on the front court. César tells me he used to be his coach when the guy was just a young kid.

Obviously, Cesár must have done something right, because it turns out the player in question was David Nalbandian, whose current ATP ranking is #15 in the world.

4 Responses to “Zoe and Zelda Say Hi to #15”

  1. elisa

    Kristin played high school tennis this year. She will love to know that the girls are playing! She is also a student of Spanish, as is Julia. Would Zoe & Zelda like a cousin-penpal or two? We had great times with Ian, Sheila & Earl last night and today. You guys are such an awesome family. Love, The Trees

  2. ian

    haha, nalbandian…that was great that you guys got a chance to see him practice!

  3. Michele

    Zoe and Zelda would love cousin pen pals! Of course, their typing is a bit slow, so no long notes!!

  4. Michele

    Ian, it seems he practices there all of the time, along with a couple of other top ranked Argentine players…so hopefully it won’t be the last.

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