No News Is Good News

One of the fabulous side benefits of living overseas, submersed in a language that I have to concentrate in order to understand: I get no ancillary media information. (I feel rather like George Bush!)

I tune out the news on the radio when I’m vegging in the back of a cab. I don’t try and piece together meaning from the news feed on the ubiquitous televisions located in nearly every restaurant. I refrain from scanning the Spanish headlines when I walk by the newsstand. (Even though we didn’t watch the news in the US, I didn’t really realize how much external media I was inadvertently exposed to, and how depressing it was, until we escaped it and moved to Argentina.)

So, as I dive into headlines from around the world, at my leisure, on the Internet, I happen upon myriad “news” stories that I am utterly relieved to skip, secure in the knowledge that I won’t have to hear another word about them!

I can impose my own media blackout on issues such as exposed arms, teleprompter presidents, bowling jokes…

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