Camping Hair Wash

Okay, this is going to be kind of gross…well, if you find stories about greasy hair to be distasteful, then perhaps you should not continue reading!!

Let’s begin with the hair…just regular non-greasy hair at this point. I have naturally curly locks, which easily segue to naturally super frizzed hair without any effort at all. In order to tame the frizz, I must exert some effort, usually in the form of applying goop.

Which brings me to my ruminations on the name Buenos Aires, or “Good Air.” On sweltering days when we bake in the heat and humidity, respirating black particulate exhaust spewed from the city’s buses, the girls love to comment on the irony of this fine city’s moniker. In other words, “Dirty Air” would be a more appropriate nameplate.

Now, if you take perfectly clean hair with a little de-frizz product going on, and you introduce said hair to a very unclean air environment, you can achieve quite the oily appearance in a matter of hours.

Recently, I found myself in just that situation. I had to be somewhere for a social engagement and looked in the mirror before departing, freaking out on the spot due to my suddenly greasy mane. I didn’t have time to shower and rewash my hair. In a panic, I recalled an article I read on personal hygiene shortcuts that can be used while camping (I have no idea where I read this). The article suggested using talcum powder in your hair. You sprinkle it on your scalp wherever it appears greasy and then flip your hair over and vigorously try and shake all of the powder out with your fingers.

You then flip your hair back, and presto, there is no appearance of greasiness at all! (Or powder either, for that matter.) It works like a charm.

4 Responses to “Camping Hair Wash”

  1. joli

    yes it does work…learned that trick from Cosmo when I was 10 🙂

  2. Michele

    *laugh* I had no idea Cosmo had such mundane advice about personal hygiene. And you were reading Cosmo at 10? I think at 10 I was reading Dynamite and Highlights (I’m probably dating myself.)

  3. Joli

    That and the 2 Glamour magazines my mum had. We lived on a remote island, and it was my escape back to civilization! lol

  4. Michele

    Okay, you are as mysterious as my fellow blogger, futbol. This dribbling of tantalizing life story through comments is like water torture! I mean, come on, remote island…you must give me more information. It sounds very Mosquito Coast!

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