Luke, I am your Father

rogueshadowZoe’s 4th grade classmates have the most fabulous parents, who collectively save our ass on a regular basis as we muddle through the ins and outs of school: parties, musical instruments, school supplies, field day, hockey equipment, transportation problems, holidays, etc.

On the birthday party front, these amazing parents mobilize and collect $25 pesos per classmate per party, giving the total cash haul to the birthday parent to spend at their discretion for something big that the birthday child actually wants.

When the fabulous fourth-grade parents discovered that Zoe’s birthday occurred over the summer holiday in December 2008, they banded together and raised her gift money (and the kids made her a card too), which they handed off to us last week. It was such a lovely belated birthday surprise.

The result, she got a Star Wars Rogue Shadow Lego set, which she spent all weekend putting together! (The actual craft she assembled is pictured above with space background.) She adores it.

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  1. Eric Garland

    Space lego’s! yay! Space lego’s were the first ones that I got when I was around 9 or 10 years old and I’ve been in outer space ever since! I don’t think I had Star Wars ones though, those came later I think.

    I still have a little Lego guy way up high in one of the corners of my room. Once in a while I spot him up there scoping out my messy room.


  2. Michele

    When we lived on the boat, I remember my parents having friends over, and after a few glasses of wine, they would all sit down and start building cool Lego stuff while Ian and I would pretend to be asleep in our bunks. I always enjoyed waking up to see what they had made!

  3. melissa s.

    i admit, i’ve been sucked (back) into love with legos. i could (do) spend hours making lego weirdos and lego head collection facilities. ahh, for the love of legos.

    (and hi! i’ve been out of circulation for awhile but am timidly reentering the blog world. i’m off to catch up with your life!)

  4. melissa s.

    you lived on a boat? was it a boat made of multi-colored interlocking pieces? just wondering.

  5. Michele

    Mel! So nice to have you back in the land of the living! I had no idea you were a lego lover!! You just get cooler and cooler.

    PS Yes, we lived on a boat (in Hawaii), and no, it was not made of multi-colored interlocking pieces…but I was in 3rd and 4th grade at the time, so maybe it was and I just didn’t know it!

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