Saturday with the Horsey Set

clubalemanI believe we may have been the first family to trek on foot over open parkland to the gates of Club Alemán de Equitación (a private equestrian club in the city). At least, that’s what it seemed like by virtue of the look bestowed upon us from the guard attending the gated entry to the club!

We had come to inquire about family horseback riding lessons, but we learned from the guard that even though the club was open, administration went home at noon, so there was no one to talk to. Happily, one of the instructors happened to be driving through the gate as we turned to go, so she stopped and took our information and is going to call us early next week about costs and possible openings.

I suppose if we do sign up for lessons there, we shall have to get used to being “the family that arrives on foot or by cab” instead of the family that shows up in their own car.

Anyhow, since we were close to the hippodrome (horse racing track), and they were running races that day, we decided to pop in and see what was happening at the track after our visit to Club Alemán. Several torrential downpours and soaked Offermann/Reeves later, we managed to:

  1. Determine that you can’t obtain coins from the slot machines at the casino located at the track. (Someone suggested we try it as a comment on the blog and you know us, we’ll check out anything that might prove an easy source of monedas.)
  2. Be pleasantly surprised by the track and environs. A mix of beautiful old and new buildings that are well maintained and frequented by a wide variety of perfectly normal fans. (This would be a far cry from attending the races at… say…Portland Meadows, for instance, which is just sad and depressing, and a little creepy.)
  3. Enjoy the banter between the jockeys and the crowd as they rode their horses out on the track during their warm up.
  4. View a race while standing right on the rail at the finish line, which the girls loved.

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