Ode to Ian

kidsnianOur Ian has just left the building on his way to the airport to undertake the long journey back to the Pacific Northwest. We will miss him terribly!

He has watched the girls (notice how that’s always first on any of my lists), helped us translate, introduced us to fabulous friends, taken us to La Bomba de Tiempo, taught us Spanish, ordered us tons of yummy home-delivered helado, driven me crazy (he is my younger brother, after all), hosted our only asado (with enough meat for a soccer team), made us laugh, washed dishes, introduced the girls to cool music, taught Zelda to jump Ian-style, taught Zoe how to surf, given us the skinny on good restaurants, and perhaps most importantly to our survival in Buenos Aires, introduced us to the Guia T.

As we were putting the girls to bed and they were sobbing over Ian’s departure, they said, “now we don’t have anyone to wrestle with.” I couldn’t have said it better myself.

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