Restó, a Restaurant Review

corderopaintingWe have been to Restó (Sociedad Central de Arquitectos) twice for dinner, and we love, love love everything about it.

The atmosphere: it is a charming space with simple clean lines and a decided lack of pretension. The intimate dining area has seating for approximately 28 patrons.

The service: there are four waitstaff poised to see to the needs of these 28 lucky clients in a very professional manner.

The food: There are four choices of three-course meals on the menu, which you can mix and match, if you so choose. (The menu changes frequently, but I’m not sure exactly how often.) During our recent visit, I had the most wonderful vine-ripened tomato salad accompanied by a few leaves of exotic basil as well as a generous serving of fresh mozzarella (yes, that’s right) all tossed with a nice light dressing. Having a tasty vine-ripened tomato was frankly orgasmic. I had to quit closing my eyes while I was eating! My main course was pan-seared lamb, cooked rare, that had a lovely salty crust. Dessert was a petite, but incredibly rich, warm chocolate cake with a small scoop of mascarpone ice cream.

Final rave: portion sizes are reasonable — you can actually eat all three courses. (Tom also had their wine pairing with each course, and they were all wonderful.)

This restaurant is only open for dinner on Thursday and Friday nights, so make your reservations now. (Photo above is of one of the paintings exhibited in the dining room by Maria Eugenia Cordero.)


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