Beautiful Bucolic Bariloche

bari1Rest assured, we did venture out of doors a few times during our trip to Bariloche!

We took a boat to the myrtle forest, which contains the cinnamon-colored trees in the picture below. Local legend has it that Walt Disney visited here and based his forest in the movie Bambi upon the area; however, after a little research, it seems that this legend has at least as many detractors as it has supporters.

We took gondolas and chairlifts to the peak of Cerro Catedral, where there were still patches of snow in the midst of summer. The girls were throwing snowballs and sledding.

We hiked. We visited Isla Victoria. We went rafting. The kids enjoyed English TV on Dish Network. We rented a car and did our first driving in Argentina. We lunched at the Llao Llao hotel. (It burned down the year after it was first built and had to be constructed from scratch again — yikes!) We learned that we hate the dogs in Bariloche (they all live outside of gated houses and bark ALL.NIGHT.LONG). Zelda got car sick again at one of the post popular scenic lookouts! We had one of the best meals we’ve eaten in South America at a restaurant called Naan — really amazing. We have officially burned out on steak and potatoes big time.



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