I Kissed a Girl

What do Whitney Houston, Chumbawamba and Katy Perry have in common?

In the early 90s, when I was hopping between tiny Caribbean islands for months, it was impossible to escape Whitney Houston and I Will Always Love You. And when I say impossible to escape, I am dead serious. I almost achieved a state of PTSD over that song. On the other hand, hearing the theme to The Bodyguard now resurrects very fond memories of my travels.

In the late 90s, Tom and I spent weeks on our Honeymoon experiencing the beauty that can only be found in the remote areas of various national parks in the off season — Yellowstone, Glacier, Jasper. Ironically, the song that has become “our song” by virtue of it being played ubiquitously during our post nuptial haze of bliss in the middle of nowhere is Tubthumping, by Chumbawamba!! (What’s not to love with lyrics like, “He drinks a whiskey drink, he drinks a lager drink…” and “I get knocked down, but I get up again?” These are classic marriage themes!)

Fast forward to the new millennium. Traveling throughout Argentina, I Kissed a Girl by Katy Perry seems to cue up in every restaurant, bus, grocery store and gym that we enter. It has become the song we shall always associate with Argentina.

Weird, I know!

4 Responses to “I Kissed a Girl”

  1. Reed

    Dude, I keep hearing Shania Twain at random bars and danceclubs. It’s KILLING me… I haven’t heard Katy Perry yet, but maybe I’m not listening carefully enough. I’ll keep my ears out.

  2. Michele

    My personal belief is that during time overseas, everyone is haunted by their own personal song or artist. You appear to have scored Shania Twain!

  3. melissa s.

    and now i have all three of those songs stuck in my head. ahh, the perils of blog reading!

  4. Michele

    *laugh* Any way I can be a blight upon the earth!

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