Four-Byin’ and Four-Leggin’

On Christmas Eve, we took a two hour off-road trip with Andes 4×4. The day after Christmas, we completed a three hour trail ride that was beautiful. (Although the girls have been on horses many a time, this was their first extended ride, and they adored it.)

Both outings were fabulous. While in the Land Rover, we traversed a completely broken-down trail that was traveled by priests with pack horses from Nono to Cordoba; in those days, the trip would take 5 days. (Now, by car, it takes about 3 hours.) As you can see in the photo below, we were amazed at what our driver, Alejandro, was able to successfully negotiate!

The vista as we descended into the valley was incredible. It was the rainy season, so there is more greenery and wild flowers than you would expect in such a rocky mountain environment.

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