Lonely Planet Top Ten

It is our last night in Punta del Diablo, the town that made the Lonely Planet Top Ten Places to Visit in 2008. We have had a lovely time decompressing; enjoying the slow pace and empty beaches. And, as an added bonus, Zoe said that she had her best birthday ever (of course she says that every year).

Should you decide to visit, we have our own guidebook observations below.

  • Pack some warm layers. The wind really howls and it’s cold at night.
  • Don’t expect a super fine white sandy beach with clear water, a la Mexico or the Carribean. The sand is nice, but can get a little bit rocky as you enter the water. And the waves–a pounding Atlantic surf that is cool when you first submerge yourself. (Kind of reminds me of Oregon a bit, actually.)
  • The town is spread out, so if you rent a cabin, make sure that you are close to the grocery store and the beach, otherwise you might be doing more walking than you anticipated.
  • Make sure that your rental accommodations come with sheets and towels. (Something we learned the hard way!)
  • Even though we didn’t stay at the El Diablo Tranquilo Hostel, we would recommend them highly. We ate at their restaurant nearly every night, we rented their surf boards, they made an awesome birthday cake for Zoe’s birthday, and they let us buy some WIFI time. Top notch organization.

Photos courtesy of Tom and his morning sunrise walk!

4 Responses to “Lonely Planet Top Ten”

  1. Eric Garland

    How warm/hot is it there during the day right now?

  2. Michele

    I would say it got into the mid to high eighties, but it never felt like it because we were right on the water and it was insanely windy. By the time we would walk to dinner, we would have on a long sleeved shirt and a fleece, again, because of the wind.

  3. Carol

    It is so nice to see such compliments given to our son, Brian, owner/proprietor of El Diablo Tranquilo. We have thoroughly enjoyed our trips there and are looking forward to another visit soon. Punta del Diablo is indeed a beautiful place.
    I admire your adventurous spirit – taking off and traveling with your family. Have a wonderful experience.

  4. Michele


    It made our day to read your comment–the world is such a small place these days. (Sadly, I’m old enough to remember international living pre-Internet!!)

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