Point of the Devil

It still isn’t high season here in Punta del Diablo, Uruguay…the locals tell us that high season starts directly after Christmas and goes until about mid-February.

One waiter likened the busy season to the scene in Ibiza, only with a lot of South American visitors mixed in with the European tourists. (Not so many Americans.) Now, in mid-December, it’s still pretty deserted and the beaches and restaurants are empty; which is exactly what we wanted.

The town itself is basically built on the dunes, with the types of roads you would expect…sand and dirt! There are neighborhood dogs to keep us company on our walks…all pretty clean, happy and well behaved. There are beautiful moon rises to light our way home after eating out late (of course). There is a howling wind that keeps our temperature down, but makes us more susceptible to sun burn because we never feel hot! There is a fabulous restaurant serving us some of the best food we’ve had in South America. Oh yah! There are people from all over the world, young and old. There are a zillion stars in the sky. There are large busy anthills in the dunes.

And there is plenty of room on the beach to complete Crossfit workouts (Tom pictured above) — I know…we’re crazy!

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