Thanksgiving in BA…Better than Canada

Last year, we were in Victoria, BC for Thanksgiving and had a traditional meal at the Empress hotel. Sad to say, it was a subpar meal, as this homage to turkey excess goes.

This year, we were joined by Ian in Buenos Aires for Thanksgiving, and we had a great meal at a nearby local restaurant. It is owned by a Bolivian chef who went to a Quaker boarding school in Iowa (to learn English), lived for a bit in New Hampshire, and then cooked on a boat serving the South American cruise industry before opening his restaurant, Amaranta.

There were two seatings, one at 6:00 pm and one at 9:15 p.m. We, of course, chose the 6:00 pm seating, and were delighted to be in a restaurant that wasn’t empty while eating our meal at a normal hour!

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  1. Eric Garland

    Had dinner tonight at Isabel’s with Elisa and Rod and their four girls, my Dad and Steve (minus Cindy and girls who were off doing different things).

    A relatively small gathering for Isabels, but great fun nonetheless.

    I have such fond memories of this time last year being up in Portland having my first ever meal with all the Reeves! Such good times.

    Very grateful for my wonderful extended, farflung family on this day of giving thanks.

    You are missed!

  2. Mich

    Okay, are you trying to make me get all choked up and teary? (I’m completely overly emotional!!)

    It was lovely having you visit Portland and catch all of us in one place–we’ll have to do it again soon!! Glad you had fun at Isabel’s, the family size sounds really managable. Sometimes it’s hard with all of us together, I often feel like I don’t actually get to visit with any single person for very long.

    Besos Grandes Eric!

  3. Mamacita

    Looks good! and no washing up but where is the pie?

  4. Mich

    You know what, we totally forgot to take a picture of the pie! We were just about done eating dessert, I think Tom had a bite of apple pie left, when we thought, “oh crap, we forgot to take a picture of the pie!”

    I believe we have a picture of the single bite of pie–ha ha.

    With how full we were, you would think that we would have had the presence of mind to take the photo before digging in and thoroughly stuffing ourselves.


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