It’s Time for a Knee Update!

Don’t worry, I won’t be flashing pictures of my pasty white gams!

Prior to our arrival, my knee had been improving steadily since surgery, but it hadn’t received the day in and day out punishment I was going to be dishing out in Baires. When I first got here, the huge amount of walking required, coupled with the very uneven sidewalks, presented a real challenge.

I had to walk with my head down at all times, scanning for anomalies, and my leg was usually pretty swollen by the end of the day.

Fast forward a few weeks and things are really improving. Tom and I have been at the gym doing our own CrossFit workouts. I’ve been able to execute some deadlifting, squatting, jumping pull ups, stationary biking, etc. And, my walking has made great strides (pun intended), hitting the improvement trifecta for appearance, speed, and stamina.

I want to continue to work out hard before we leave in December so that I can actually hike while in Patagonia.

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