First Day of School in Argentina

Considering the fact that both of their sweat pants ripped in the crotch while stretching during field day, the first day of school went rather well indeed!

At pick up, Zelda didn’t even mention the fact that her sweat pants had torn. Zoe was a little peeved, but mildly so. Zelda declared the first day to be fabulous. She said that she had made new friends, learned new playground games (color witch–a version of tag) and worked on her Spanish numbers.

Zoe had taught somebody the singing/hand game “say say oh playmate,” and ended up having to play it for an hour! She also did some writing in Spanish and received a nice card from a girl named Vicky in English class saying she wanted to be Zoe’s friend.

After school today, we dragged them to a shoe store to pick up the brown shoes they need for the uniform day tomorrow. We also picked up something for them to use as lunch boxes and got the paper and colored pencils the girls needed. Next, we will have to see if we can have the sweatpants repaired–sigh. Not something we factored into our schedule this week.

So far so good! What a relief.

4 Responses to “First Day of School in Argentina”

  1. melissa s.

    well, i don’t know about you, but if my day doesn’t involve splitting my pants in some form, it’s usually not on my ‘favorite days’ list.
    glad the girls like their school!

  2. Michele

    Tom’s theory is that we’ve thrown so much at them that they are too exhausted to really process the ripped pants with the appropriate amount of outrage.

  3. Nichole D

    I am so glad the girls like their school! Tell them I said hello 🙂

  4. Michele

    I will pass that on when they get back this afternoon! They get a kick out of the fact that people know they are attending a new school!!

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