Vegetarian Restaurant in Argentina

Yes, we did it. We broke down the other night and gave in to our oh-so-American craving for vegetables and trekked on foot, through our neighborhood, to a restaurant called Arte Sano.

(Tom discovered it via guide book.)

It was a good thing that we set out to seek some good-old, crunchy, Portland-style food because on the way, we stumbled upon an expensive, but super yummy, Indian restaurant called (appropriately) Tandoor!

Once settled at Arte Sano (in what is really a lifestyle business–they offer yoga, dancing classes, and some nutrition services, if memory serves), we started our meat-free adventure with a delicious home-made wheat bread (a nice contrast to the wonder bread-style roll that is common here) and a dish of carrot mayonnaise, which was actually a bright orange carrot dipping sauce.

A sign of how much we were craving vegetables? Zelda had three helpings of a simple spinach, arugula and tomato salad drizzled with olive oil and vinegar. I nearly fainted.

Zoe inhaled her wheat-tofu stir fry and tabbouleh salad. We all had delicious fruit smoothies.

If you are in Argentina and need a break from the beef, Arte Sano can be found at Mansilla 2740 in Recoleta.

Photo by Flickr user alex-s used under a Creative Commons license

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  1. Sara King

    Nice tip! It’s just bread, pasta, pizza and meat around here, as you know.

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