Live Like Architects

Tom and I are digging the look of the condo right now!

We have art on the walls, carpets on the floor, and a few choice pieces of furniture here and there. (Most of the clutter has been given away.) We are really coming to enjoy this spare open look. (We call this living like an architect. Our favorite example is the Seattle architects that had one chair in the corner of a room with a black floor. Black floor? How cool is that?)

The girls enjoy it for sliding on the floor, wrestling, and strange games involving throwing soft balls long distances. So, there is a downside.

We continue to make progress on getting the apartment ready to hand off. (We leave a nice apt.) We had the pros clean the carpets upstairs and had window cleaners come shine up the atrium windows and the outside of the windows near the grill (they got a bit greasy, since Tom likes to get a good char going).

We inch ever closer!

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