When Do Argentinians Sleep?

As near as we can tell, the Argentine people do not need to rest.

They seem to keep the same eating/socializing schedule you would find in Spain (dinner doesn’t start until 10 pm), and yet, they don’t appear to take the long mid-day break for a nap/rest. I don’t know how they get to work and school at 8:00 am, work through the day, and hang out until midnight or 1:00 am.

Our girls are not going to make it! Zoe and Zelda need a ton of sleep to be functional kids with reasonable mood modulation. *Sigh*

I think this means lots of cooking at home so we can get them to bed at a reasonable hour.

2 Responses to “When Do Argentinians Sleep?”

  1. Pete

    In the 90’s, when I was going back and forth to Europe, I noted the same thing in Barcelona. Work from 9:00AM until 7-8:00PM, dinner at 10:00. Long lunches but no going home to nap. At 10:00 the restaurants were just opening and all of the Americans arrived. The locals got there at 11:00 or 12:00. I never could figure out how they did it either. In the Canary Islands the 3 hour lunch from 2-5PM- ws the norm.

  2. Michele

    My roommates in Spain used to come home and take a nap. Without said nap, I will have to consume triple shot lattes to stay on my feet!

    Loved the image of Americans flooding into the restaurants at 10 pm!

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