Ban Those Books

We feel like we’ve done quite the purge on our library of books.

With an eye toward minimizing our storage needs, we are getting rid of mucho stuff before we leave, including (gasp), a bunch of books. Frankly, all of our shelves looked decimated when we were done–it was sort of sad.

Mom and Dad scored, taking a bunch of books home.

Tom then took the remainder (easily over 300 books) to Powell’s warehouse (near Montgomery Park on NW 29th) to sell. He wasn’t very popular though, dragging in 5 boxes of books right before closing, but they soldiered through!

Now we have a nice Powells credit, which we can use when we return!

2 Responses to “Ban Those Books”

  1. Ian #2

    Sad day…

    On the other hand, it was great seeing the family on Monday!

  2. Michele

    Yes it was! Thanks for coming to Zelda’s pre-birthday party.

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