PT Cruiser–SOLD!

Well I guess I reverse jinxed us and got the car sold with my last post! (Tom finds all of my jinxing theories to be exhausting.)

Yes, that’s right, the couple who came to look at the car bought it last night. We are now car free (well, we are borrowing my parents’ jeep, but that’s almost car free).

A wonderful retired couple (who already own an automatic red 2002 PT Cruiser Limited) bought our red 2002 PT Cruiser Limited because it has a manual transmission and can then be towed by their RV. (The buyer said the automatic wasn’t rated to be towed–who knew?)

Whew! I bet Mom and Dad are glad we aren’t asking if we can park our car at their place while we are gallivanting around South America!

Interesting Notes: We only had one person come test drive the minivan, and they bought it on the spot. And, we had only one interested party come look at the PT Cruiser, and they bought it on the spot. They were both older buyers (the only people with cash to buy a car).

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