Kinda in Love with My Kindle

We have been pondering solutions for obtaining books during our travels. (I mean really, what are we to do now that we are leaving the best library system in the country?)

How do we combat reading withdrawal? Buy a Kindle!!!

We recently received the Amazon Kindle in the mail and it is pretty cool. I’ve finished reading a book on it already and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Shopping on Amazon and downloading books directly to the Kindle was very intuitive and incredibly fast.

We were able to download the new Neal Stephenson early (before it gets shipped to booksellers) for $10 less than list. Pretty cool.

The screen is interesting–it’s not back lit and uses an ink technology that rewrites every page, making it very easy on the eyes. I tried it out in full sun today and it was easier to read than a book in full sun.

The only knock is that it’s a bit heavy if you are going to be holding it the entire time.

But, that is more than compensated for by the fact that you can lay it down flat anywhere and read while still having the use of your hands (like reading while I dry my hair–hee hee).

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  1. Nannette Blondet-Valdez

    Hello Michelle:

    According to a recent thread in the Forum I told you about, Kindle will upload the books via USB from your comp or laptop, it is there where you will need to download them to, but the actual wireless capacity is not available in Argentina.

    Thought to let you know.


  2. Mich

    Yah! We checked that out and are fine with having to download that way while overseas. We figure no matter where we are, it will be nice to have access to books, even if we have to transfer them from the lap top!

  3. Sallycat

    Hi Tom and Michele

    Just stumbled upon your post about the Kindle. I’ve been living in BsAs for 2 years and only recently have heard about them (I’m British and it isn’t available there yet, but I could organise one from the USA). So just wondering if you would mind giving me your feedback on how it has worked for you. From the comment above, do you mean that you can download books from Amazon to the laptop (in Argentina) and then transfer them to the Kindle via USB? Have you found it a good experience all in all? Did you load it up with lots of books in the USA before you came? (Sorry for all the questions, but am fascinated to know! 😉 )
    I really would love to get books more easily and cheaply, and in theory I love the idea of this device (but only if it works in practice).
    Will be very grateful for your reply. Thanks so much.

    Sally (Sallycat)

  4. Tom


    The Kindle has worked out great for us. Having ready access to thousands of English books, and the convenience of being able to carry 10-20 books in a single book-sized device is fabulous.

    Here’s how we load books onto the Kindle:

    1) Purchase the book (Kindle e-book version) on the Web site.
    2) Download the book file from to our laptop.
    3) Connect the Kindle to our laptop with a USB cable.
    4) Copy the book file from the laptop to the Kindle.

    It’s really pretty easy.

    Unfortunately, if you’re not a US citizen, I’m not sure if it works for you to get one now. The catch is that the Kindle device is tied to the account of whoever buys it. You must buy all e-books from the same account that purchased the Kindle, because when you purchase a Kindle e-book, the actual book file that you download to your computer will only run on the Kindle linked to that account. It doesn’t work on anyone else’s Kindle.

    I guess you could have a US friend buy a Kindle for you. But, that would mean that you would have to have your friend purchase all Kindle e-books for you, leaving you with the hassle of reimbursement. (And, your friend would see every book you buy!)

    The good news is that the Amazon is rumored to be close to offering the Kindle in the UK soon.

    PS Thanks for commenting. I wouldn’t have found your blog otherwise, and I’m really enjoying it!

  5. Sallycat

    Hi Tom!

    Thanks so much for the great information. Exactly what I needed to know. I am going back to the UK for a visit this Argentine winter so perhaps I may be lucky and Kindle may be released there by then… I will keep my fingers crossed.
    Glad you discovered my blog this way, I found yours this morning! Will be reading your adventures too!

    Did laugh when I read the post about the KEL bookshop, when I have been myself a few times – not allowed to browse the books in a bookshop… Blimey! Has the world gone completely mad 😉 ?

    Beso and thanks again, Sally.

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