Bad Market for Selling Cars

It has always been our intention to sell the cars before we left!

Unfortunately, for the same reason it is good to be getting out of the real estate market at the moment, it is bad to be selling a lower mileage vehicle (read: minivan). *Sigh*

Where oh where have the home equity lines of credit gone so people can buy a new car?

On the bright side, we have the PT cruiser all detailed out and it looks great. Hard to believe this car is over six years old. Of course, it goes to show you how nice a car can look if you never drive it and deem it the “No Kid, No Snack” car!

2 Responses to “Bad Market for Selling Cars”

  1. melissa s.

    so true! our mini cooper sits pristinely in the driveway while we lug our gas-guzzling minivan around town. maybe keep the PT waiting for your return? by then the housing and used-car markets may have recovered a tad!

  2. Michele

    *Laugh* I just don’t want to figure out how/where to store any cars. It’s going to be a big enough pain to store the crap we are keeping!

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