Absentee Ballot–Check!

Tom and I have arranged for our absentee ballots so that we may participate in the upcoming Presidential election. (Go Barack Obama!)

It will be interesting to be overseas during the October madness. Being outside the country gives you a whole new perspective on the event when your country’s political process is viewed through the lens of another country’s interests.

I lived in Taiwan during the lead up to Bill Clinton’s first successful presidential bid–a period of pure political apathy in the United States. I was startled at how avid everyone in Taiwan followed the campaigning. I couldn’t get into a cab without being quizzed by the driver about all things election. Taiwanese newspapers of all types followed every Bush/Clinton move. I would get into raging political debates with foreigners of all stripes.

In truth, it made me excited about democracy again. Here I was living in Taiwan–a nation struggling toward democracy–and they were more excited, engaged, and informed about our election than we were!

Get off your ass America and vote–it matters!!

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