Exchange Rates and Ice Cream

The first step in planning our trip to South America was mounting a PR campaign with the kids–slow and steady, nothing too flashy–to get them excited about the upcoming Offermann-Reeves exodus.

The two things that have really captivated their imaginations: the exchange rate and the easy availability of great ice cream and gelato. They are constantly running tallies of their saved allowances and then calculating what those savings would be worth in pesos and having us check their work. Who knew that a six- and a nine-year old could be so excited about monetary exchange rates?

And the ice cream…when they discovered that vendors will actually deliver gelato to your door, they truly could not think of a cooler place to live than a city with home-delivered ice cream.

Other than that, I don’t think the move is really tangible for the girls yet. That will change as we start to sell our cars and put items in storage. We’ll see if they are able to maintain their sanguine attitude as we approach our departure date.

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