At Least We Aren’t in the Tiki Lounge

We arrived in Montevideo yesterday on the BuqueBus boat in typical Offermann-Reeves fashion: one child with a high fever, two children with motion sickness, and too many bags (although we are getting much better about over-packing).

It went downhill from there. We couldn’t find a place to get local pesos; the cab line was an hour long; there were problems finding a taxi into which we could all stuff ourselves; our cab driver freaked out about the neighborhood of our hotel and warned us twice to be careful that someone didn’t steal our bags off of the sidewalk; Zoe had dry heaves last night; the shower in our room leaked onto the entire bathroom floor today, through the wall, onto and into the carpet, over the edge of the mezzanine and downstairs (“Mom, there is water dripping downstairs!”); Zoe’s fever got worse…you get the picture.

(Of course, we still think the glass is 3/4 full because we’re not in the Tiki Lounge!)

The good news: no one stole our bags off of the sidewalk, there is a lovely complimentary breakfast at the hotel, we were moved to new rooms that don’t leak (and they’re actually nicer), Zoe is a bit perkier tonight, and Montevideo is a charming city surrounded by water…more on that last one tomorrow!

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  1. Tammy

    Hi Michele, Tom, Zoe and Zelda. Thanks for your very fun to read Christmas letter! I don’t open my home e-mail as often as I should, but Bella and I really enjoyed reading about Zoe’s good attitude with the skirts. And we had lice last March so I LOL when reading about sypmethy itching!

    Anyway, we are glad you get to travel so much and eat delicious steaks. It is quite snowy and cold here if you can imagine.

    Lots of love,

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